A non-siloed lifelong learning journey without vendor lock-in

Take back your learning data

There is a rising need for hands-on know-how and micro-credentials for skills, especially in developing countries. This need is addressed by a proliferation of e-learning platforms and online courses. The resulting diversity of e-learning environments forces students to move from one e-learning platform to another. Without a coherent certification system that connects the previous knowledge acquired across these disparate platforms, this creates various problems including:

  • cold-start (a generic starting point equal to any student)

  • unnecessary re-exposure to didactic materials already studied

  • inability to transfer proven knowledge from one platform to another or to an institution

  • inability to use own learning data for other purposes such as analysis, further certifications, study progress, etc.

Build your unique learning journey

PoLiL is a new holistic approach to e-learning which follows learners online and offline and tracks learning progress for life.
Of course, it's also anti-tamper.