Blockchain schema overview

high-level overview

In this example, the learners Alice, Bruno and Carol access typical LMS like Coursera, Udemy, Edx, MIT xPRO, and OpenCourseWare to take specific courses.

Each LMS uses its own LRS to read/store learners' activities, adopting the xAPI standard as usual. With PoLiL, the LMS at startup prompts the learner to grant access to their private activity records stored in the blockchain. When allowed, the LMS will also store records of learners' current activities during courses.

Cardano (with a mixed on-chain and off-chain approach) will contain the personal and immutable learning records of every single user. Alice, Bruno and Carol can access their personal journey data anytime, everywhere and show the certifications of their lifelong learning journey.

storE on the blockchain

In this example, you see how Alice certifies her competence through ongoing study, previous experience and on-the-job training.
Even when the topics are different like Python code and statistics, it can end up with proven knowledge certified for a potential data scientist role.
She could acknowledge her love for nature, by correlating her first Aid course for pets and her current gardening hobby.